During Spring of 1977 we rode the 200 miles out to the West Coast Vintage Cycle Rally in Visalia from Santa Cruz that night. Greg had his '70 Triumph Bonneville while mine was a freshly rebuilt '68 Triumph Trophy. Took almost all nite to get to Visalia with a weird encounter at a Madera truck stop. We crashed on the floor of Bill Duma's motel room.

We decided to take the scenic 210 mile route back to Santa Cruz via Highway 198. It was a countryside drone until we crossed over I-5 into Coalinga for gas. Stopped somewhere west of Coalinga for a smoke break and that's when Greg decided to take a few pictures of our Triumphs.

Grumbler parking his bike next to Greg's on Highway 198 west of Coalinga.

Greg's 1970 Triumph 650 Bonneville was a very clean bike. All stock other than the custom painted gas tank and no badges.

1968 Triumph 650 Trophy with the entire front end, including instruments, from a Honda CB750K. The disc brake was superb, but the solid handlebar mounts transmitted too much vibration compared to the oem mounts with rubber washers. Those are loud air horns with a compressor.

 Stainless steel fender, Dunstalls, chrome battery cover, oil bag, chain guard, and sidestand gave the bike a bit too much sparkle. It was a real eyecatcher, and received tons of compliments.

Chrome factory parcel rack. 1968 was the last model year for that item. It was dropped in 1969 and that's when the Trophy name was changed to Tiger. Official model designation remained TR6R.

In Salinas, a holed piston cut my trip short, but at least it got me to a Cindy's coffee shop. Jack drove my van over from Santa Cruz, and we hauled the bike back home. Took awhile before I got it back on the road again. Went back to Visalia the following year. They eventually relocated the rally to Hanford.

Photos by Greg Danielson